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A quick lil birthday haul or whatever

I celebrated the dreaded 3-1 earlier this month so what a perfect excuse for new makeup! 

I meaaaan honestly you shouldn't even be surprised.  I love makeup OH KAY!  Lol.  Here are just a few of my purchases. 

Elf Cosmetics Deep Bronzer Palette
Tarte's cancelled so I guess I'm on the hunt for a new bronzer palette or whatever.  I figured I'd give this Elf one a go.  I discovered their $6 blush palette earlier last year and that was so bomb! So I just knew this palette would be too.  So far I've only had a chance to use the darkest shade of the bunch.  I haven't completely decided if I'm here for it as I find it leans a bit more cool toned than I prefer but we'll see.  Not gonna lie I do love the nice variety of shades though.  And each one is very pigmented.  It blends beautifully too.  But I can't help but feel a little disappointed.  The shades appear a bit too light, in my opinion, to be for my really deeper beauties.  Ummm deep where though sis?!  I'm just not seeing it.  *shrugs*

ColourPop Lux Lipsticks
News of their Lux Lipsticks hit the beauty world and of course I decided I needed them in my life.  I copped five stunning shades in an array of bold colors: On Repeat, On Display, Get a Room, What If and Liquid Courage.   The names?  Sssso cute!  The formula?  Sssso creamy!  And their super affordable too.  7 bucks say whaaaat!  I am so here for it.  And the packaging is beyond adorable.  ColourPop still getting them coins I see.  Lol.  I love it.      

Elf X Alissa Ashley Lip Gloss
Fenty Beauty got me out here wanting to try every nude lip gloss.  I know right WHO AM I?!  Haha. I've worn this baby a couple times already.  The formula is nice, it's not too sticky.  The shade actually kind of reminds me of my fave nude lip combo I was rocking faithfully around the holidays.  Kylie Brown Sugar Liner and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb.   YASSSSS!  So pretty.  And I'm always down for supporting black creators.  I meaaaan. *hair flip*

Are you surprised I didn't snag anymore Fenty Beauty?!  Bahahaha.  Can you believe the best month ever is already over?!  I mean dang!  Haha.  I'm officially back on my weight loss journey so wish me luck. I'm currently doing a #30daysofyoga challenge soooo yea.  PS my ABH X Amrezy Highlighter review should be going up as soon as I get a chance to use it.  So be sure to come back for that.  Hope all is well.  Ok bye.  Toodles.



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