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28 More Random Facts About Me

Wearing Fenty Beauty Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint

I've really been loving these get to know me posts so here's another one. 

1.   I'm addicted to Yankee Candle. 
2.   And lemonade. 
3.   I think the '90s was the best time to be alive. Don't debate me on this. 
4.   I didn't really start wearing makeup until my early 20s. 
5.   I took Spanish for three years in high school and remember absolutely nothing haha. 
6.   Jasmine Rice is my most absolute favorite kind of rice. 
7.   My first lipstick purchase was a red lip from Wet N' Wild.  I haven't looked back since. 
8.   I used to want to be an interior designer.  I still kinda do.
9.   If I ever decide to have kids, I would love to have twins.
10. I actually used to wish I were a twin. I blame the Mowry twins.
11. I'm still obsessed with them to this day.
12. I think Maxwell is still super underrated.
13. My favorite rapper of all time is Tupac babyyy!!!!!
14. Red and purple lipsticks are my absolute fave.  Gotta catch them all! :P
15. My favorite flavor is blueberry.
16. I despise eggs.
17. And mustard.
18. I could wear glitter eyeshadow every single day and be totally ok with that.
19. I would have blue hair for the rest of my life if I could.
20. I'm so over the Kardashians/Jenners. *eyeroll*
21. Rihanna and I are BFFs. She just doesn't know it yet. *wink*
22. I love blush. A lot.
23. Birthdays are like holidays in this household OH KAYYYY!
24. When I was little I used to hate my name and made everyone call me by my middle name for like  half a year.
25. My holy grail concealer will always be the Maybelline FiT Me Concealer.
26. I love jalapeƱos.
27. And pizza.
28. I may be 31 but don't get it twisted.  I'm still that bitch. :P



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