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Drink lots of water & wear Fenty Beauty

Wearing Candy Venom Mattemoiselle lipstick

Not even gonna lie, I rarely gravitate towards pink lipsticks anymore.  I'm more of a red lip kinda girl I suppose.

But this baby totally makes me want to rock them a lot more.

It actually kind of reminds me of Pleasure Bomb from the RiRi Hearts MAC collection that released way back in the day.  It's a gorgeous fuchsia pink and I am so here for it.

Candy Venom is that bitch.  

It's official.  I'm obsessed.  

Rihanna you did that.

The formula is super bomb too.  I swear Fenty Beauty's Mattemiselle lipsticks are one of the most comfortable matte lippies I have ever worn.  No lie.  They're creamy AF, super opaque and glide on the lips beautifully.  YASSSSS! Haha.

So I guess what I'm basically saying is you need it.  And uhh yea.  Thank me later.  Lol lol.

PS my birthday is officially tomorrow you guys.  Cue mental breakdown in 3.. 2.. 1!! :P  Make sure to keep up with all birfday shenanigans on my snap or IG. Username is queeenashley.  Love ya lots.  Peace.



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