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Shape Tape Who? | Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer "Dark Golden"

So I had my eye on the Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer.

Word on the street is it's better than that one concealer by that one brand that has since been cancelled.  So of course I had to cop it.

I meaaaaan duh.

I've been testing it out for a few weeks now and I have a lot to say.

I'm not gonna lie the lack of color descriptions and photos online made selecting my shade a little more difficult than I'm used to.  But after a couple hours of quick research on YouTube and IG I decided on the shade Dark Golden.

So  I have golden, red and neutral undertones so ideally any one undertone should work.  But I found Dark Golden to be way too red for my NC45 skin tone.  That paired with the Fenty Foundation (another red undertone) and ya girl walking around looking like a damn fire engine.  Not ok.

Once my Sephora stocks them in store I may just go back and try another shade though.

Cause don't get it twisted I do love the coverage.  It's definitely full and you only need a little.  It looks amazing on the skin.  I mean FLAWLESS.  It dries down matte, I don't need a color corrector, it does oxidize a bit so I would keep that in mind when choosing a shade.  Maybe go a shade lighter than you normally would.  But it doesn't look cakey so there's that.  It's super long lasting too.  In fact, I wore it for almost 13 hours just the other day and by the end of the day it still looked beautiful.  Like I just applied it. It really is amazing.  It does crease just a bit though and dries down way too fast.  I'm talking faster than that one concealer from that one brand that's been cancelled.  Fast.  So I find blending in sections works the best. Urban Decay claims it's water proof and I can definitely confirm that.  My allergies have been a complete mess lately and it still doesn't budge.  I'm so impressed.

I'm not mad at it.  Definitely not complaining.  Except maybe about that shade range.  14 just isn't acceptable.  Especially for a higher end brand.

I think I wanna try the foundation next.  Lol of course.  Lots of love.  K byeeeee. <3



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