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Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation - A Huda Beauty Faux Filter Dupe?!

Got a secret can you keep it?! 

The new superrrr hyped up Maybelline Super Stay Foundation may just be my new go to.

Don't get it twisted Fenty Pro Filt'r will always be my boo thang or whatever.  But Super Stay might just be a close second.

Surprise surpriseeee!!!

First things first.  Umm Maybelline, what's with that shade range?!  I thought we were working on being more inclusive.  Please get it together!  *eyeroll*

I picked up the shade 320 Honey

My first time wearing it I thought it was a perfect match.  I'm especially loving the yellow undertone. But now after wearing it for a few weeks I do think I could've gone up a shade.  I make it work for now though since I'm basically in hibernation and never leave the house.  But I might just have to cop another shade for summer.

I love the formula.  It's not too liquid-y or runny.  It's matte but doesn't feel drying. You can't feel it.  It sits beautifully on the skin.  It doesn't get patchy.  And it lasts hours.  I'm pretty sure I did yoga in this one day and absolutely no budging. 

When I say this baby is full coverage I really mean it.  It literally covers everything.  Designer bags, hyper pigmentation, those spots that conveniently decide to pop up right before that important thang you had to do.  Everyy-thinggggg!  Flawless. 

It is so bomb. I think I may just like it more than the FiT Me.

Yea I said it!

I love it and yes you need it!

Plus word on the street is it's a Horror Beauty (lol, Huda) dupe so there's that.

I'll be testing out the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation sometime on my snap and IG Stories within the next couple of days or so.  So be on the lookout for that.  Username is queeenashley for IG and queenieashley for snap.

Ok bye.



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