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Another Foundation Review | Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation

Another day another foundation review.

To be honest I only copped this baby cause it was on clearance at Target.

And now I see why.

Let's just sayyyy I'm so not impressed.

Frankly I don't even know where to begin.

The shade range is pretty wack.  More deeper shades, please!  On top of that 99.99999% of the brown girl and guy shades were sold out or just not available.  You know how that is.  *eyeroll*

But you know on that rare occasion where you can still make a shade work.  So I decided to take the plunge anyway.

I settled on the shade 60 Soft Tan.

Umm NO.

I mean I was already nervous the shade would be two shades too light.  But ya girl was walking around looking casket ready and ashy as hell.  Emphasis on ashy.

Total hot mess.  I am not happy.  I should've known.  Lol.

And I can't even speak on the coverage either.  One minute I would think it was adequate or whatever.  And the next I couldn't get passed the ashiness.   THIS IS NOT OK!!!  Lol lol.  Sorry for yelling.

Sighhh I dunnoooo.  Maybe if more shades would've been in stock.  But I am so turned off by this foundation I sure as heck won't be checking for them.  Nope.  I'm good.

Have you tried this foundation yet?!  Don't and call it a day OH KAY haha.  Love ya lots.  K bye.



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