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Elf Deep Bronzer girl friendly orrrr nah?

Tarte's cancelled so I guess I'm on the hunt for a new bronzer palette.  I figured I'd give this Elf one a go. 

I discovered their $6 blush palette earlier last year and that was so bomb!  

So I just knew this palette would be too. 

And I was so right. 

First things first. 

Gotta say I am so here for the shade range.  

I'm not even gonna lie at first I was a little skeptical.  At first glance some of them just don't appear to be pigmented enough for deep skin.  But I can definitely confirm that they are.  

They're pigmented as hell, buildable, super easy to blend and sculpt the cheekbones beautifully. 

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use the red-ish hue with lots of glitter just yet.  But I have had a chance to play with the others.  Surprisingly my fave is the second deepest shade.  Also with lots of glitter.  It leaves a very beautiful, natural sun kissed look. You can barely even seen the glitter.  It is absolutely stunninggggg!  

I'm wearing it here.  I love it. 

Black girl approved.

Will you cop it?  Until next time.  Toodles. 



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