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Fenty Beauty makes magic (again) .... Brown Sugar Body Lava!!

Wearing Fenty Beauty Brown Sugar Body Lava 

Say hello to my new best friend.

Obviously I'm referring to the Fenty Beauty Body Lava haha.

I copped the shade Brown Sugar.  This golden gorgeous-ness with a tint of color.

Not even gonna lie.  It was love at first sight!


I meaaaaaaan.  Lol

PS how cute is the name?!  I die.

I've been wearing it to the pool nonstop for a couple weeks now and ummm definitely OBSESSED!

It is so bomb.  It's like the water transforms it into goddess like goodie-ness even more.  And it literally lasts ages.  I've showered and everything and it was still noticeable on the body.  I am so here for it.

When I say this is everything you guys I really mean it.  Probably one of my fave purchases in a bit.  Just sayin'.

I think it's limited edition too so run don't walk!  Get you one, sis!

I also may or may not have copped one of the new Killawatt foils so be on the lookout for that.  Andddd the lip shimmers are still on my list too soooo yea.

PSS I knowwww ya'll saw ColourPop is finally releasing their No Filter Foundation.  BITCH WHAAAAAT!  I'm ready.

Hope all is well.  Love ya lots.  Byeeee.



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