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8 More Random Facts About Me

Hi hello remember me?!


It's been a minute since I've done one of these get to know me posts so here's another one. Enjoy!

1. Trayvon Martin and I share the same birthday. <3
2. Tennis is one of my favorite sports. I actually used to play in HS. I was good too :p
3. Spinach is my favorite vegetable.
4. I love flying.
5. Every summer I forget I'm allergic to the sun and break out in hives.
6. I discovered yoga late last year and have completely fallen in love with it!
7. My mom and aunt both grew up with Sarah Jessica Parker lol.
8. I'm an Aquarius.

Be sure to comment below some random ish about you. I would love to know!  PS I'm so excited to announce that I will finaaaalllllyyyyy be starting my YouTube channel as soon as I kick this cold/sinus infection completely. So go ahead and make sure to subscribe now! Username is queeenashley.  Expect lots of foundation and concealer reviews, black girl/guy friendly products, and heaps more!!! :) :) :) :) Hope all is well. K byeeee.



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