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Sooo I finally tried the *NEW* Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'R Bronzer in the shade Caramel Cutie ...

Hey girl heyyyy! I'm baaaaack! It's been a minute huh? Lol my baaaaad. Other priorities I guess smh. Ya girl finaaaally started her YouTube channel (ayeeeeee!!)  Not even gonna lie most of my energy goes towards creating content for that. YouTube ain't no joke btw.  It is not easy. It's super hard. Soooo show ya girl some support and subscribe to my channel.  Help ya girl get to 100 subscribers finally!!  Username is queeenashley.  :)

Anywayyyy, ya girl finally got her hands on that new Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'R Bronzer.  Now you already knowww ya girl never misses a Fenty launch, right?  Lolol.  PeriodT.

Sun Stalk'R Bronzer in the shade Caramel Cutie

Ummm can we please take a moment to acknowledge that packaging though??  Stunninnggggg.  If you know me I love me some gold and I am so here for it.  It's super cute and chic.  Rihanna, moving forward can we always get packaging like this?  I meaaaan, she cute or whatever. *in my Bretmanrock voice* 

Ok so anyway, it retails for $30 and you get 6.23 grams of product.  Fenty claims it to be "a longwear transfer resistant bronzing powder in 8 groundbreaking shades, each carefully curated to bring all skin tones to life with an instant sun soaked glow".  

First of all, 8 shades you guys?  Wow.  Fenty, you did that!  That's definitely revolutionary and a huge statement.  No other brands are doing that.  And btw if you are another brand and NOW all of a sudden you want to come out with deeper shades ... don't even worry about it.  We don't want it.  Like, just keep it moving.  Don't even bother.  Lol lol.  I seriously crack myself up y'all but I am so serious.  I'm not gonna lie though I do feel like Fenty could've come out with just a couple more deeper shades.  But still this launch was iconic.  I love it.

Since there were so many options I did struggle just a bit when choosing my shade.  I was originally leaning more towards the shade Coco Naughty but after much consideration I decided on the shade Caramel Cutie after swatching the two.  Both shades are described as being neutral but in my opinion Coco Naughty was just a tad bit more warm.

Wearing the new Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk'R Bronzer in the shade Caramel Cutie

I'm so happy I decided on the shade Caramel Cutie.  I love the tone.  It actually applies much darker on the skin than it appears in the pan.   It's super pigmented,  doesn't apply patchy at all,  is nice and soft and smooth. There was barely any kick back in the pan and it's honestly so easy to apply.  Like for real.  I don't have much experience applying bronzer you guys.  I normally just contour.   And this baby was easy peasy.  I love it so much.   For reference I am in the shade 370 in the Fenty foundation btw.  

I really love this bronzer and I'm so happy I finally got my hands on it.  Thanks babe!  It has actually become my new go to.  I haven't looked at my Elf bronzer since.  And y'all know that's my baby. Haha.  I'm not gonna lie, it is a bit pricey but honestly you get what you pay for.  You're getting quality.  Plus you're supporting a black woman and you're supporting a brand that actually cares.  No pandering over here sis!  I meaaaan what more can you ask for??  Looove it.  :)

I hope this review was helpful.  Let me know in the comments if you're picking one up and what are your thoughts?  I'd love to know. 

I should be back to posting consistently now but don't hold me accountable, k??  Like I said, filming ain't no joke and that's priority right now.  I'm trying to meet Rihanna OH KAY.  Lol lol.  Love youuuu.  K byeeeeeeee. 



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