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Eyebrows on fleek every day of the week thanks to the Elf Brow Pencils

Not to toot my own horn or whatever but my brows have been on point lately. Heyyy. 


Thanks to Elf's Brow Pencils.

I know right. Elf? Yes, sis. Elf

They're basically my go to pencils at the moment. I'm still in shock.


I'm wearing the shade Auburn here but I've basically tried every shade they have.

They retail for two bucks and you actually have options. That's another thing that I love about these pencils. 

We love an affordable brand.

Ok Elf. I see you boo!

Not even going to lie at first I struggled just a bit. The tip is pretty massive and it takes some getting used to. It's super pigmented but still surprisingly looks natural. I just follow the natural shape of my brows, spoolie them out a bit, clean them up with concealer and voila. Eyebrows on fleek. I love it. Dare I say I actually love these brow pencils more than the Fenty one? Who am I lol. Have you tried them? 

Hope you're doing well. Toodles. 



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