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Hit or Miss? | *NEW* Elf Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows

From left to right: 24K Gold, Flirty Birdy, Black Magic, Ocean Eyes, Disco Queen, Dirty Martini

I promise I wasn't planning on picking up some of the new Elf Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows. The heart wants what the heart wants ok guys lol. These babies were seriously giving me Stila liquid eyeshadow vibes and since they're cancelled what a perfect opportunity to cop some. 

Fun fact. I've actually never tried any of Elf's eyeshadows until now shame on me lol. 

Ok but like look at the material!!!! You know I'm a true ride or die glitter girl, right? These liquid eyeshadows are so beautiful you guys and they do not disappoint. Do you see Ocean Eyes?!! I meaaaaaaaan. 

You can sheer them out or build the color to make more of a statement. They are super pigmented on their own but I'm not gonna lie they apply even better over a base. Word on the street is their black putty eye primer base makes them even more extraordinary. They do dry down a bit fast and I was shocked at how little product you get but for five bucks I'm honestly not really complaining. 

Wearing the new Elf Cosmetics Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows in the shade Disco Queen 

I'm wearing the shade Disco Queen sheered out quite a bit here and I think it looks so pretty. Another one and down shadow. I love these types of shades so much. 

Elf has seriously been giving the girlies quality lately huh.  

We love to see it. 

I also just got some of their new Monochromatic Multi Stick Blushes in the mail too so I'm sure I'll be talking about those soon. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Don't tell David haha. Did you pick any up?

What have you been up to? How are you feeling? This is a safe space I promise. Can you believe I'm on Day 49?! Stay safe and stay home. K bye. 



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