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#FentyFaceFriday Number 5

What time is it?

It's #FentyFaceFriday timee !

I know I said this in my last Fenty Face but I'm definitely liking the Soft Silk Hydrating Primer. It is so nice y'all it's hydrating for my dry skin, you only need a little, and it really does help makeup last. If you're still not using a primer for that base what are you doing with your life? I promise it's a game changer. Of course I'm still using the holy trinity lol. The Soft Matte Foundation in the shade 370, which I still swear is my perfect shade. The Pro Filt'r Concealer has been covering every wrong decision made in quarantine no lie lol. I love that the shade isn't dramatically different from my foundation shade but instead just a tad brighter. Ya'll know I do not do that under eye highlight thang for real and the shade 370 is perfect. Last week I announced the Sun Stalk'R Bronzer is officially my holy grail bronzer and I'm sticking to it. It is so bomb you guys my forehead just comes alive. What is   it thatgirlshaexo says? Bronzer on the forehead just makes you feel like a bad bitch? Yep, I totally get it now haha. I'm wearing the shade Caramel Cutie btw. I still haven't gotten my hands on the new cream bronzers yet but don't worry that's next. *wink* (Full posts HEREHEREHERE). Still using that good old Instant Retouch Setting Powder in the shade Honey to carve out my contour and brighten my hyper pigmentation blah blah blah. Full post is coming soon on that btw I promise! You know I love me some blush right? So of course I copped some of the new Cheeks Out Cream Freestyle Blushes. Eeeeek!! I'm wearing the shade Rosé Latte, a really pretty nude with a hint of red. I'm not gonna lie it's definitely giving me MAC Ambering Rose vibes but I don't even care. Don't care. Care? I don't. Lololol no but for real. This blush is so beautifully pigmented. I saw some complaints about the size and I agree. At first I was completely shocked. They are so tiny! I did some comparisons with some of my other fave blushes and while you do get less product than these it's not too much of a considerable amount. Does that make sense? I'll be talking all about those babies in a full post next week so I won't say much more now but just know I am so happy Rihanna finally released some blushes!! About damn time. Ayeeeeeeeeeeee lolol. What shades did you cop? I still think the Full Frontal Mascara would work better on you long lash heffas but I'm still using it religiously cause umm Rihanna duhhh lol. Have you tried it? Today's Gloss Bomb's are a mixture of Hot Chocolit and Glass Slipper. Love it. Ok bye.

Stay safe.



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