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My 9 Step Skincare Routine featuring Fresh Beauty, Josie Maran & Smashbox Cosmetics

Let's talk skincare. 

Tbh my skincare routine is constantly changing. I've tried this. I've tried that. Nothing was consistent. But over these last six months or so I have been paying extra special attention to my skin and have finally established a strict regimen. Yay! Don't get it twisted occasionally I stray and try different products for different reasons and I have tons of night time masks but for the most part these are the products I love to use. 

Fresh Beauty Soy Face Cleanser

I love Fresh. They have been my jam lately. Absolutely. If I'm not using my Neutrogena cleanser I'm reaching for this. This baby has seriously become my new go to. It smells like cucumbers and makes my skin feel so smooth. You know how some cleansers just make your skin feel nice and squeaky clean? This is exactly the kind of feeling I get when I use it. I love it so much. 

Fresh Beauty Rose Face Mask 

This mask is so amazing, relaxing, and luxurious! It has definitely become a new fave. It feels so good on the skin and it smells like freshly cut roses, something I love. I like to apply a tiny amount to my entire face, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and my skin instantly feels so smooth and soft. Have you tried it?

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner

I apply this directly after my cleanser and/or mask for the day.  It's supposed to help uneven texture  and the rose water and oil helps to nourish. The fresh rose petals are so refreshing too! They make me feel some type of way haha. *wink*

Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Bright Skin Vitamin C Serum

I started incorporating this serum into my routine because Jackie Aina uses it. Lol. It brightens my hyper pigmentation and tbh I notice a huge difference in my routine if I skip it. I just apply one drop to each side of my face and forehead and massage it in. My skin is for sure more radiant and even. I'm actually almost out of this *tear* so I'll certainly be adding it to my cart soon. 

Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Smooth Skin Resurfacing Serum

This serum is the most recent to my skincare routine.  I was originally only using it in my morning routine but have transitioned to using it morning and night. I recently noticed my period acne scarring so it helps with that and uneven texture and is actually really moisturizing. Not greasy at all.  My skin feels nice and smooth. I'm not saying this product single handedly erased some acne scars buuuut they are gone. *shrugs* The proof is in the skin, sis! I love it. 

Fresh Beauty Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream 

This product is so moisturizing, it smells lovely, and you only need a tiny amount so it lasts forever. It has a thick consistency but somehow manages to not be sticky and feel heavy on the skin. A new favorite for sure! I would definitely recommend.

Josie Maran Cosmetics Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter

I love love love this cream. I am so happy I started including it in my routine.  You get tons of product and this used in combination with the Fresh Face Cream provides extra moisture. Josie Maran products really are so refreshing! You need it. Thank me later.

Smashbox Cosmetics Mindful 5 Nourishing Lip Oil

I've been using this in combination with the Minful 5 Lip Balm and I'm not seeing much of a difference from any other ordinary lip product I'm not gonna lie. But I still use it. It's fine. 

Smashbox Cosmetics Mindful 5 Custom Glow Lip Balm 

Also known as vaseline. Lol lol. Same old shit. Nothing new. Just kidding but it's just like your ordinary chapstick. After applying the Mindful 5 Lip Oil I apply this. It doesn't last long but it's fine. I won it in a giveaway ok. For that reason alone I will continue to use it haha. I never win anything chile. 

What are some of your favorite skincare heroes? Ohio officially opens back up in three days and I hate it. *Anxious cry* How are youuuuu though?! :) :)



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