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#FentyFaceFriday Number 2

Happy #FentyFaceFriday !

Ayeeeeeeeee *starts twerking*


So apparently I'm still going through a bronzy, nude makeup phase. It's fine. Lol. Of course my base is the same as last weeks Fenty Face. The ush infamous Soft Matte Foundation and Pro Filt'R Concealer in the shades 370.  I won't say much more since I rave about them on here alllll the time but just know I swear by these complexion products y'all. They provide that flawless, photoshopped but still skin like look that I love. I've gone through so many bottles of both. They are so bomb.  (Full posts HERE and HERE) Ok so the Sun Stalk'R Bronzer in the shade Caramel Cutie is still my bff, boo thang, best friend forever, allll of that. I honestly don't see myself using another bronzer anytime soon. Side note: I am waiting for Fenty to Rih-lease those cream bronzers (and blush!!) thoughhhh. Eeeek! Ok back to the powder bronzer. It's super pigmented and easy to use and the packaging is on point. Ya'll know I'm a sucker for stunning packaging. The gold does not disappoint. (Full post HERE) The Pro Filt'R Instant Retouch Setting Powder in the shade Honey will make an appearance from here on out ok. You've been warned lol.  No but for real, I am so obsessed with this powder you guys. I'm seriously laughing at myself for only recently using it again. You get tonssss of product, it has a nice golden tone so it brightens the skin yet doesn't change the shade of your foundation at the same time. If that makes sense.  And it smooths and blurs the skin beautifully. I just realized I've never actually talked about it in depth on here so expect a full post of that soon too. Yay haha. I love it so much. Have you tried it? The Full Frontal Mascara is still my go to mascara of the moment. The packaging is cuuute and it definitely does something for these non existent lashes. I think I'll finally be posting a full review sometime next week so be sure to come back for that. You already know no Fenty Face is complete without a gloss bomb. I'm wearing the new Glass Slipper shade also known as my new boo thang. It's a clear, see through shade hence the name and is perfect as a lip topper like I'm wearing here. Honestly it looks so pretty worn on its own too. My heart.

I hope you guys are staying safe and taking care of your mental health as much as you can. Self care is number one right now. Don't let these internet fools make you think you have to be productive cause that is not true. If you can, great. If not. That's ok too. Take it day by day. Hour by hour. K? I myself had to take a step back these last two weeks. Love youuuu. K Bye.



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