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#FentyFaceFriday Number 11

Hey girl heyyyy!

Happy #FentyFaceFriday!!!

Let's get into this face.

If you know me you know I'm allllll about the no makeup makeup lewk. But lately chile it's been a whole nother level and I'm not gonna lie I absolutely love it.  So of course I'm using what I think kinda sorta maybe might just be my new fave primer. The Soft Silk Hydrating Primer of course. I dunno though. When I'm using it I'm like "ok yea cute" but when I'm not incorporating it into my makeup routine I notice a huge difference. It's so weird. I don't get it. Like at all. But I love it. Does that make sense?! Anywayyyy,    can you believe I'm actually not wearing a Fenty foundation for once?! I know crazy right. Smh. The Pro Filt'R Concealer is still all that and a bag of chips when I'm going for the full coverage yet still natural-ish lewk. I'm still wearing the shade 370 and not gonna lie I love it so much. Have you trued it yet?! I contoured and bronzed this beautiful Black skin using the Sun StalK'R Bronzer in the shade Caramel Cutie. I've raved about this more than enough on here I know but I looove it! New bronzer say what?!?! Lol. I still need to get my hands on the new cream bronzers. Speaking of cream have you tried the new Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blushes yet?! I'm wearing the shade Rosé Latte and ok yes it does kinda sorta maybe remind me of MAC's now discontinued (tear) Ambering Rose blush but I love itttt. It's like this really pretty reddish brown shade and leaks ah-mazing on brown skin, You need it. Thank me later. The Full Frontal Mascara has been getting these lashes together latelyyyyy. Im shocked too cause I originally thought it was only for you long lash guys and gals but now I know it'a aaaaalll about application. I love it. It is so good. Mmmhmmm. I'm wearing what I think is my new fave Gloss Bomb, Gl ass Slipper. It just feels so ... juicy. There's no other way to put it. I looooove it. Omgggggg.

How are youuuuu?!!!

Love you byeeeeee.




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