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Wet N' Wild Photo Focus Concealer

Meet my new go to concealer - the Wet N' Wild Photo Focus Concealer.

I picked it up a couple weeks ago and haven't stopped using it since.

The shade range is pretty shit but of course that's expected.

Don't even get me started.  *eyeroll*

This is another concealer you could totally get away with applying just one layer.  But of course I like to apply two cause I'm extra like that lol.  I'm into a flawless, full coverage kind of look, ok?! Haha.

I've seen a few reviews comparing it to the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer.  I'll admit at first I was skeptical but I can't even lie.  I totally agree.  Like Shape Tape it has a thick consistency, covers really well, has amazing pigmentation and is very easy to blend.

Call me crazy but I am so impressed by this baby that it may just be a new holy grail contender.  Top three!  I literally need backups on top of backups on top of backups.  And the best part is it is cheap AF!!!!! Four bucks say whaaaat!

Wet N' Wild clearly did the damn thang or whatever.  I didn't know what to expect from the brand but they completely blew it out of the park.  I can not recommend this concealer enough.  It is so bomb. Now just fix that shade range please! *cough, cough*  I'm in the shade Dark Cocoa btw in case you were wondering.  Not gonna lie this shade can be just a tad bit too dark for my skin tone but I make it work!

You have to give these drugstore brands some props.  They are seriously coming out with some amazing products.

PS I knowww ya'll saw those ColourPop Concealers releasing in a few days.  And I know that you know I'm obviously getting one.  Or two.  Or three.  By the way this will be like myyyy third ColourPop haul in likeeee three weeks right?!  Post coming soon!  Just don't tell David haha!  Will you be picking the Wet N' Wild concealer up?  Let me know in the comments.  Hope all is well.  K byeeeee.



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