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#FentyFaceFriday Number 9

It's F E N T Y   F A C E   F R I D A Y !!!!!!! 

Ayeeeee *starts twerking* 

Lol hi hello how are you?

Sooo I'm not even gonna lie I'm basically wearing my ush go to no makeup makeup Fenty Face. But I kinda sorta maybe wanted to share it anyway cause ya know consistency lolol. For this lewk of course I primed using the Silk Hydrating Primer. I know I know I talk about this damn primer so much now sigh but I really do love it so much ok. I don't think I'll ever stop using it tbh. Have you tried any of the Fenty primers? Which one is your fave? Would you believe me if I said I'm actually not wearing a Fenty foundation for todays face or whatever smh.  I am wearing the Pro Filt'R Concealer in the shade 370 though. You know it's my go to so don't act like you ain't know. I always feel so flawless when I wear it. And I love love love the shade. Have you tried it yet? I'm still bronzing this beautiful Black skin with the Sun Stalk'R Bronzer in the shade Caramel Cutie.  Yassss. This bronzer is so bomb y'all. I love that it's super pigmented, doesn't look ashy on me at all and is super easy to use. You need it. Deadass. (Full posts HERE and HERE) I did the ush carving out of the contour and brightening of the hyper pigmentation using the Instant Retouch Setting Powder in the shade Honey. I really do love this powder y'all. It has a blurring effect and you get so much product like wow it's crazy. For blush I'm wearing Crush on Cupid. So I've come to the conclusion this baby is definitely one of my fave shades I picked up. It's such a really pretty pink tone I  just love it so much. Have you tried the cream blushes yet btw? What do we think? (Full post HERE). Of course I'm rocking the Full Frontal Mascara and I dunno you guys. Remember how I said I think she would be lovely for you long lash heffas or whatever?  She might actually be making some points lately. I'll keep you posted. Lips popping as per ush thanks to Glass Slipper Gloss Bomb but I'm sure you already knew that right? I need backups on backups on backups.

Ok but like seriously how's life?! Tell me everything.



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